Design a new form

Hi all, I’m new to Navision and have a question regarding granules. Do I need to have Application Designer granule to add C/AL trigger code to the newly designed form (I already have Forms Designer)? Your help is appreciated! Regards, AJ

Hi Alexander, I’m not sure, but I believe that You need Solution Developer. As I remember, beeing able to add code to a form, was not possible for me until I had all 3 development/design-granules. So the last of the 3 is the one. regards, Alexander

Hi Alexander, I stand to be corrected but what we bought is a. Application Objects - ie the actual extra form b. Form, table, and report/dataport designer c. Application builder We did not buy the Solution Developer and we still can do the exact function which you seem to require.

Hi, Angelo’s reply indicates that my memory was wrong. [:o] Alexander

Dear all, Thank you very much for prompt replies! Your help is appreciated! AJ