Depreciation calculation issue

I have a couple of problems with our depreciation calculation. We have recently installed the system and cannot agree the calculated figures to those expected. Our year end is 31st March and we are looking to calculate from the 1st April until 31st March.

  1. The system is calculating depreciation based upon 360 days rather than 365 days. We have reviewed the set up and checked that the fiscal year has not been ticked. We have ticked this box in the test system and the result was a reduction in depreciation as the system used 359 days rather than 365

  2. We always run depreciation calculation for all assets, but when we interrogate the statistics against a fixed asset, the system appears to miss out some months for no apparent reason. On the assets we have reviewed it has calculated depreciation in subsequent months but only for that particular month and not correcting cumulatively.

  3. When we add cost in the current year to an asset that was created in the previous financial year, the system only seems to be calculating deprecation on the current years cost.

If anyone has had experience of these issues and knows how to resolve them it would be appreciated.

Standard NAV will always use 360-day year, even the latest version, which has “FY 365 Days” option to check.

  1. This may be caused by numerous reasons and their combinations, can’t help distantly here. (Starting with deprec. method chosen + various settings and the WAY those are set up, e.g. “5 yrs” is not the always same as “20%” for Linear)

  2. I’ve seen cases when additions are ignored (FA Posting Type used was not properly set up - where/when to include/exclude), but your issue is vice versa if I understood you correctly. Is it really so (you wrote “seems”)? Check again - maybe the deprec.sum is too small because in fact the addition is ignored, not initial amount.