Depreciate Assets by Components


I am having the following problem regarding depreciation of assets by components.

I have a Main Asset (M1), which costs 10,000.

Under M1, I have two components as follows:

C1: 6000, depreciation rate is 12 % p.a STL

C2: 4000, depreciation rate is 10% p.a STL.

Say I want to depreciate asset components separately, I have noticed that depreciation of asset components does not impact on the main asset.

Because I was thinking that when depreciating an asset component, the book value of the main asset is supposed to decrease by same amount of depreciation calculated on the asset component.

Can anyone please clear me on this issue?

Thanks in Advance.



I believe Navision doesn’t work in the way you would like it to. It maintains each component separately; the component/main asset relationship should be used purely for information purposes. Even when you dispose of the main asset there are no changes to the component assets.