Deployment of AX 2012 SSRS Report

Hi All,
Could anyone tell me, what happens when we deploy the SSRS report (either from VS or from AOT).
Is it required to deploy the report for each and every modification of the report?
Will it occupy any space after completion of deploy the report? If yes, in which location ?
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Hai Siva,

When you deploy the report from VS all the modifications you have done in VS are reflected in AOT,i mean when you open the report from AOT you can see the report modifications what u have done,if u want to see the chancges of your report u have to deploy that report and add it to AOT

if u have more modifications in a report no need to deploy every time ,in VS u have priview option in that refresh the report and see whether youtr changes are apper or not, after all modofications are completed u have to deploy the report

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Thanks Pavan

But as I already mentioned, when we deploy the report I am sure somewhere in the system some references of this report will store. that means it requires some space. right?

Now my doubt is, due to some reasons if we deploy the same report for multiple times , will it use same space or space will increase?