Delivery, required, desired, scheduled dates for planned purchase orders

Hello all, We are in the first week of an implementation of AX 2012 and I have a few questions:

I would like for my buyers to “firm” planned purchase orders as easily as possible, what we are seeing now is somewhat confusing. We see a delivery date of 11/13/15 as the planned order. When the order is firmed the expected delivery date on the line details>delivery tab shows 12/25 although the general fast tab shows a delivery date of 11/13. I would like the details>delivery tab to show the delivery date of 11/13 as well(although its most likely not possible). Is this possible, if so, what settings need to be adjusted

Lead time: 42

an example would be as follows from the Company code>Procurement&Sourcing>Common>Purchase Orders>Planned Purchase Orders Screen:


Item number 1187122

Todays Date: 11/13/15

Order date: 10/2/15

Delivery Date: 11/13/15

Futures date: a blue arrow is shown

Action date: nothing shown

Action quantity: nothing shown

Drilling into the Planned order (General)

Requirement Date: 11/13/15-Matches delivery date

Delivery date: 11/13/15

Start Date: 10/2/15 (Assume this is based on lead time? Can you confirm?)

End Date: 11/13/15 (Assume this is based on lead time? Can you confirm?)

Order date: 10/2/15- (Based on backwards scheduling-Can you confirm?)

Futures fast tab

Desired date: 11/13/15

Futures: Delayed

Days: 42

To date: 12/25/2015

Our current coverage group settings are as follows:

Coverage Code: Requirement, although I believe we should adjust to period.


Negative days: 3

Positive days: 9999

Coverage time fence: 365


Action message is checked

Action time fence: 365

Postpone margin: 0

Advance margin: 0

Basis Date: Requirement date (futures messages are turned on)

Advance, Postpone, increase, decrease, and derived actions are all checked off


Futures message is checked

Futures time fence: 100


Take a look at the master plan that you’re updating that gives you these results. In the “Futures message” fast tab, there’s a set of fields called “Use futures date as requirement date.” This field automatically updates the requirement date of the planned order (which type of order depends on which of the fields you enable) to the futures date.

If you don’t like this behavior, you should be able to disable that checkbox for planned purchase orders, re-run MRP, and get the results you’re hoping for.


Thanks Jake, we actually did that on Friday. It gave good results, however, it create another question. The “delivery date” of the prompt indicated date X (11/23/15). Upon review of the prompt, the delivery date matched 11/23, however, the “futures” tab indicated the order would be “delayed” based on material lead time. After “Firming” the order, the date on the header matched the requirement date, but the line item delivery showed X + leadtime (12/10/15). How do I get the delivery date on the PO line item to match the planned order delivery date and the PO header delivery date rather than the “desired” date shown within the futures message on the planned order BY DEFAULT. I really appreciate your help!



Hey Rob,

I’m not sure I 100% understand the issue, but might it be related to the following LCS issue?

Take a look at that and see if it explains the issue you’re seeing. Searching for “firming” returns a couple of other results, as well.

I had heard at one point about a user that was experiencing an issue where the delivery date for firmed planned purchase orders was being recalculated based on the lead-time and requirement date. They were going to log a support ticket with MS, but I never heard how it ended up…