Delivery Reminder Setup

Dear ALL,

I would like to set up reminders for vendors in case of overdue shipments.

The problem is that i can’t find the “Delivery Reminder Terms” field at Receiving FastTab @ Vendor Card and by checking the nav development environment

the table Delivery Reminder is not available.

Please i need you help to set up Delivery Reminders for vendor.

Thank in advance

Hi Salma. I’m new to DUG but this might be in the wrong spot and you could get more traction if you post here:

Hi Salma,
Welcome to the user group! The forum you posted to is the “DUG Membership Question” forum, for your questions about DUG or you membership of DUG. But not a problem. You’re not the first new member, who have posted their first question in this forum. Normally we (the moderators and me) would just move your question to the correct forum.
But as I have never heard of such a field in NAV, then I’m not really sure where we should move it to. Not sure it’s NAV, as Jon suggest.
So could you please tell us, which of the different Dynamics products your question is about. :slight_smile: