Deletion allowed for Bank Statements

Hi All,

I noticed that, user can delete bank statement. But it will not update close entries to open or bank account balance. Is it a known bug??? or is there a hidden functionality???

Check the form properties

DeleteAllowed property should be No.

Hi Hansi,

This is NOT a bug, the “Bank Statement” is not “posting data” - the “Bank Account Ledger Entries” are. It’s similar to the fact that you can delete a Posted Sales Invoice (once you have posted it).

Dynamics NAV allows you to delete everything which is not “legal data” such as Ledger Entries.

If you don’t want the users to delete the Bank Statements, then you should update user permissions.

Changing it on the form level (as suggested by Amol) will also work, but only for this specific form. If you have other forms displaying bank statements, then you have to customize all forms using the table. Plus you have to remember to re-do this customization next time you upgrade your solution.

Hi Erik,

When we post Bank Reconciliation using some ledger entries, it creates Bank Statement and it close the ledger entries which I used to post bank account reconciliation.

It is ok to allow deletion of bank statement. But If I delete one of this Bank Statement, what logically should be happend is,

  • Open the ledger entries which were used to post deleted Bank Statement.

My problem is, this thing does not happening. They remain as Closed entries. we cannot use them again for a reconciliation.

Please let me know if I wrong in this.

It can not happen .You need to update the bank ledger entries and make the entry open for bank reconcilation again

When you have posted the bank reconciliation, then you bank ledger entries and the bank statement are created. Nothing should happen when you delete the bank statement, as the bank ledger entries are you “legal documents”.

I think what you’re asking for is a function to reverse the a bank statement - to undo the posting of the bank ledger entries. Similar to a credit memo. This doesn’t exists for the banking module.

Ok. Thanks everybody