Deleting vendors

hi all.

i want to delete all vendors whose having no transactions .

how can i do this

pls any one can me

What did you try till now?


Try doing this - Select all vendors in vendor master. System will check the vendor records one by one and will delete the vendor without any transaction, then move to next record. If there is no transaction, the record will be deleted. Otherwise you will get the message. Leave out those vendors and select remaining and delete again.

Please try this in test first, and depending on the number of records it might be time consuming.


Why to delete ??

We have field called 'Blocked ’ on vendor card .Just blocked them by selecting ‘All’ option

You never know when you required the same vendor again in future.

Another Options is adding a new field to the vendor table.

Field No:50090
Field Name:“Ledger Entry Exists”
Data Type: Boolean
FieldClass: FlowField
CalcFormula: Exist(“Vendor Ledger Entry” WHERE (Vendor No.=FIELD(No.)))

Then you can filter on “Ledger Entry Exists” = NO and those can be deleted.