Deleting TMP files from Temp folder in NAS

We are using NAV 5.0 SP1, and I noticed that the NAS temp directory (location: C:\Documents and Settings\NAS\Local Settings\Temp) has over 2GB. I looked through the directory, and the last time 90% of the files have been modified was back in 2008.

Can I delete those old (file name: to make room on my server, or do I need to keep the files there?

Follow this:

  1. Shut down your NAS
  2. Delete all the temp files in that folder
  3. Start NAS

It is definitely secure-

What are those temp files for NAS used for? Will it cause NAV issues if I move or archive the files to another drive?

Also how do you stop the NAS services?

Temporary files are created by a program from time to time for different purposes.

Anyway as temporary files are - as the name says - just temporary it is no problem to remove these files when the program is not running.

To stop the NAS you need to go to your services and stop it.