Deleting items form journal lines to remove unwanted Item cards.

Hi all!
I am using Dynamics NAV Classic for my retail store, the problem here is a big number of item cards that were created in the initial stage of this project but with the passage of time i caught some mistakes in the items created, now i have created new item cards that are working fine, i want to remove those faulty item cards and when i try to delete them the system shows a message that “item cannot be deleted as it is already in journal lines”, kindly tell me any possibility to solve this issue!
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Go to Item journal Table (83) and delete the records from the table.

thanks for kind response, sir how to reach this item journal table? Where is this located in the side panel? or any shortcut keys to approach there?

Go to Tools–> Object Designer–> Click on Tables → Find table no 83

Done :slight_smile:
Thank you Sir.

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