Deleting BOM Components


Could someone please let me know how to batch delete components from multiple BOMs? Note: the components to be deleted do not have expiry dates associated with them.


Run the “Exchange Production BOM Item” routine and specify nothing in the “With” section. If you chose not to create a new BOM Version then the item can be removed from the BOM by selecting the check box, otherwise a new version is created where the line exists and the quantity is zero.

Thank you for your reply but I have already tried to delete the component using the “Exchange Production BOM Item”. Even though I leave the “with” section blank and tick the “Delete Exchanged Component” box, the original component remains in the BOM

I am doing this in version 5 and it works fine, therefore you only really have one choice, which is to contact your partner and tell them it works in version 5 but not in your version, indicating something has changed. It could be the routine is modified, or your BOM is modified. I am assuming we are talking about production BOMs here of course.

Alternatively it could be the way you are looking at the BOM - the system will remove the component from the latest version. The front BOM screen is not the latest version, it indicates the latest version but does not show it, if you go into the version is the component there then?

Our version is also 5. The exchange program works fine if I exchange a component for a component but not when I try to exchange an component for nothing (leaving “With” fields blank). Production BOM versions are not used in our setup.

The item to be deleted is entered in the “exchange” field, the “with” fields (Type & No.) are left blank, the “create new version” box is unticked, “Multiply Qty. with” is left as 1 (default), “starting date” is defaulted to todays date, “recertify” box is ticked, “copy routing link” box is ticked, “delete exchanged component” box is ticked, but still the component to be deleted will not disappear from the BOM!

And what is shown in the versions view of the BOM?

If you are not using versions this will not work. I always used to implement this by getting users to create a version 1 as default, it makes moving forward easier and traceable. If you do not have a version then you can replace the component, but not without defining an item. Remember this routine is not to actually delete an entry, it is to replace one and I am hijacking this for another purpose. Long and short of it is I guess you are not using versions, therefore this work around does not work for you and therefore you need to either modify the routine, or write one of your own. You could always get around this by setting the expired date on the BOM line component and then running the proper routine, it maybe easier to update the bom lines with one set date for the smae item if you see what I mean.

Ok. Inserting an expiry date onto the components line to be deleted and running the “delete expired components” is probably my best option. Many thanks for you help and suggestions