Delete The User Layer


I ve small Dought ,i.e i want to delete the user layer ,how can i delete it …i want Flow For that(axusr*.*).

Hi Nani,

First you choose the option show all layers. now right click on object where you want to delete the user layer and choose layers. here the object will show the all layers. now u just delete the usr layer



Here you just delete the usr layer…

Hai Nani,

Did U find The Multiple layers In the Application Objects.If Not First choose The Application oblects Layer type in Microsoft Dynamics Menu–>Tools–>options–>development Tab -->Application Oblect Layer.

Here u select Show All Layers.Then u can find the All layers.Then u can Delete User layer.Then u follow the Process Of Roshan.

thanks Rosan,

Hai Naresh,

Thankq Its Working …

The easy way is to create a project and apply an Advanced Filter on it with UtilLevel - USR , so that the system will add all the objects in the USR layer to your Project… Now you can perform as discussed above…

*** take a backup of your user layer axusr.aod before doing a delete…

Thanks Kranthi, It works perfect. Till now I don’t know that we have a Advance Fileter button at Projects.