delete records\information



I am trying and trying to find a solution but with no success [:(] maybe someone will know the answer:

How can i delete information from tables???

I assume it is simple, but i want to do that without using code.

An example for the data i want to delete: of employee (if he was hired to a position i cant delete his name in the employee form -

I only get the next error massage: The record may not be deleted. Transactions exist in table ‘Employment history’.)

  1. OU in an organization Structure tree (if i affiliated employees to that OU, i’ll get the same error massage again).

Is there a way in AX to get into the tables and not just view its properties?

Thank you.


If you want to delete record from table without using coding, then you can go to AOT and search for the table where you want the record to be deleted. On the AOT, select the table (where you can see it is higlighted). Right click → Add-Ins → Table Browser will open the table. You can add record, delete record or modify record here. Select the record you want to delete and click on the delete icon on the window pane or press Alt + F9. However, becareful when you make any changes on the table browser since it will automatically update the database once you did something.

Hope it helps [:)]

It helps[:D][:D][:D] !!!

Thank u very much!


And if I want to delete a record with code? I want to delete the whole row on the report if the Value(field in a report) = 0.

You appreciate the repercussions of deleting from one table and not the related tables? There is a reason the controls are in place.