Delete physical reservation from x++


I use AX 2009. I would like to delete physical reservation from SalesLine. I use below code but it doesn’t remove transaction. After executed it transaction with physical reservation still exist. Why?

salesLine = SalesLine::find(“ZS/BOK/2013/007553”, 0, true);
movement = InventMovement::construct(salesLine);
upd = InventUpd_Reservation::newMovement(movement, 0, true);

To un reserve

InventUpd_Reservation::updateReserveBuffer(salesLine, salesLine.QtyOrdered);

To reserve

InventUpd_Reservation::updateReserveBuffer(salesLine, -salesLine.QtyOrdered);

Still nothing :confused:

In my opinion yout method do the same thing like my method.

Your method:

inventMovement = InventMovement::constructNoThrow(_buffer,_inventMovSubType);

if (inventMovement)
reservation = InventUpd_Reservation::newMovement(inventMovement,_reserveQty,true);

Yes, i used an existing API, InventUpd_Reservation::updateReserveBuffer

It is working in my case.

Hi Jacek,

I also faced the same issue. All i missed is the trans id is not updated in the sales line and unreserve is not happening. just use the below code and check the conditions given below :

inveMovement = InventTrans::findTransId(salesLine.InventTransId).inventMovement(true);

InventUpd_Reservation = InventUpd_Reservation::newInventDim(inveMovement,inventDim,InventSum::find(SalesLine.ItemId,inventDim.inventDimId).PhysicalInvent,true);


Here, if it was not still unreserving, just debug and see whether qty is in -ve or +ve . also kindly check that the trans id is matching with the respective sales line with the Invent trans dimid and sales line dim id…

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Is it work for Dynamics Ax 2012 R2

what is the code for ax 2012 R2 to unreserved the qty??

what is the code for ax 2012 R2 to unreserved the qty??