Delete one of the lable files

Hi everyone,

how can i delete one of the lablel files which are created for one project. could any one help me out on this.

Siva Mohan

You need to find your AX AOS install directory. Usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Application\Appl[Instance Name].

From this directory, if your label file is LBL in AX:

  • Stop the AOS
  • Delete all of the axLBL*.ald, axLBL*.alc, axLBL*.ali files
  • Start the AOS

The ALD files are “Application Label Data”, ALC files are “Application Label Cache”, and the ALI files are “Application Label Index” files.

When you create a new label, say @LBL123, it will often store it in the ALC file until at some point AX decides to flush it from the cache file into the ALD file. When you stop the AOS, it flushes these for you, and you can do it manually in AX too (Label::Flush(“LBL”, “en-us”).

The part right after axLBL[here].ald, is the language for the label file. English label files for example are:



Hope this helps…

Thanks for your reply[:D]

Hi Alex,

what is the main difference between .alc,.ald file and give one example?


.alc is nothing place where all the lable cache are stored…

Application lable cache…

Hi All,

Actually .alc means application label comments.

The .alc files contain the comments and label texts you enter in the HelpText field of a property page.


Mehul Thacker.

(Label::Flush(“LBL”, “en-us”). Good one

thanks Alex

Hi Mehul,

There are Two type of ALC Files Application Label Cache and Applications Label Comments files.

Application Label Cache contain the application label cache. These files can be deleted when the AOS is stopped.


Applications Label Comments contain the comments and label texts you enter in the HelpText field of a property page.



.ald file contains all label data including descriptions, that’s why it’s enough to release.ald files and nothing else (no cache - .alc and no indexes - .ali). Label description is saved in .ald on the line below the label.

See for example label ID @SYS1402 (Label = “Forms”, Description = “‘Form’ used in the sense form letter, i.e. document.”). It’s saved in .ald in this form:

@SYS1402 Forms
'Form' used in the sense form letter, i.e. document.

There is no such thing as “Application Label Comments”…please disregard those posts. Martin gives an example of this. My original suggested solution is still a good description for those coming across this thread via search.

Sory for what i have posted earlier, There is no any file with name Applications Label Comments.