Delete On order line because of SO in AX 2009


I just want to know is there any way I can cancel or delete the “On order” in the inventory transaction line because in SO, I have already delivered 60 qty. It is also weird why I have an on order when my SO line is just 60 qty too. Please help me understand.



Line Tab

Quantity Tab

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Dear Kristine,

Can you please post the screen shots with better visibility to enable to see the transaction clearly.


Hi Prabu,

Please see the link below for better quality of screenshots.

Item transaction:

SO line tab:

SO quantity tab:

PO quantity tab:



Dear Kristine,

As per my understanding from your screen shots 1&2 have same Item Number and 3&4 is different. Any way the following step will solve your issue.

If you have On Order quantity go to the Sales Order → Functions → Delivery Reminder → Cancel Quantity. Now the On Order Quantity will be canceled.

Suppose if you get “The Quantity Can’t Be Reduced. The Number of Inventory Transactions…” error, do the following steps.

Sales Order → Inventory (2) → Functions-> End Inventory Orders then do the above delivery reminder cancellation process.


@Prabu- Delivery remainder function isn’t available in AX 2009 version where this problem has been reported.


I think this problem is due to the discrepancy introduced by Direct delivery as you specified in one of your posts.

You need to check the inventory trans happened at each level and may be trace out what went wrong. Normally quantity wouldn’t be allowed to update in case of direct deliveries. Don’t know how this went wrong.

Hi Kirstine,

you can delete the line with “on order” status by going to Inventtrans table. Go to the table, select the record and do Alt+f9.

However, you might also need to investigate why this has happened…if this is reoccurring.

Hi Guys!

Thanks for the response and solution. I got the on order status even it is direct delivery because of UOM conversion from PO unit to Inventory unit to SO unit.