Delay in searching Posted sales invoice

Hi We have a client who is running ver 3.6 who recently moved to a new server are experiencing extreme delays in searching posted sales invoices. They are using navision server and before moving to the new server the search was instanteneous. The commit cache has been set to 900mb, and their database has been equally split (3.5 Gig’s each) into three different local drives. Harware specs for the server is: *************************** HP DL380 G4 Server 2x Xeon 3.0GHz 2GB RAM 2x 36GB 15k RPM → RAID1 – onboard RAID controller – C:\ 3x 36GB 15K RPM → RAID5 – SmartArray 6402/128MB – Currently, lot of users are using this and it may be even 20-30 times a day and it is really frustrating if it is really slow. Has any of them experienced such delays and if so do you have any resolution that can help me. Thanks in advance… Kind regards, Ram Just thought I would let you know we are still experiencing extreme delays when searching for posted invoices in Navision. I know last week Ram, you said that 30 - 40 second delays were not uncommon however prior to the server change over, to perform the same operation it was instantaneous…now I would have thought with the upgrade in our technology this delay time at the very least would have remained the same, not lengthened by the amount it has. Currently, each of us in all states are having to use this search function in posted invoices up to about 20 - 30 times a day so I am sure you can understand how frustrating this has become. If you have any recommendations as to how to fix this, please give me a call…

The two things that stick out right away are 1) the use of Raid 5 2) the dual processors raid is not recommended & Navision server can only use one processor the second does not make a performance increase. see the post below for the techknowlege on it. he size of the drive stated are small but with the larger & faster drives today it can be larger. Overall it give you info on what will give you the best performance.

I would guess that you have been optimizing the keys of the table already ? If not, do so. And you definitly need to switch of the write cache on the RAID controller if defined (I would also disable the read cache as it could interfere with the Navision Cache, just give it a try). What fields are your users searching on ? What key is active when they search ? Did you try the Client monitor to determine the response times and number of records read for the search ?

Only the Server machine has been upgraded, right? Navision is, in itself, the exact same, correct? I ask only to clear up any further suspicion besides RAID 5. You should backup the entire database and rebuild the Server using RAID 1 and probably also using more hard drives. Then restore the database into this new configuration and it should be OK. If this doesn’t sort it out, start looking at Thomas’ suggestions as they are quite important.