Deficits on purchase orders

Dear all,

Our Purchase Department often requires samples for our customers. The samples are orderd with our suppliers. Of this orders Purchase Department makes purchase orders. The problem is that almost every order isn’t delivered completely. So after receiving the samples, there always are some lines that are open. We can simply remove these lines from the purchase order, but we rather want to see what we really ordered. Does Navision 3.60 has an option to close purchase lines when the complete number isn’t deliverd?

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This is one of the most common requests in NAV. You have a few options:

  1. Use archive document immediately after you create the PO. Then when the PO is fully received, delete the extra lines and post. This is the simplest out of the box solution, but doesn’t always provide the tranparency required since you ahve to look at two documents (purchase archive and posted purchase invoice) to determine vendor compliance.

2… Modify the purchase line. Create a field called original order quantity. After receiving, change the quantity that triggers an update to the original order quantity. This method can be nice and simple. There are a few challenges. How do you distinguish partial receipts from incomplete receipts? When a receipt becomes ‘complete’ because it has been partially received, standard NAV won’t help you be deleteing the order. You will have to create some sort of cleanup routine.

  1. You can try creating a blanket order as your starting point, and then creating orders as you receive goods for the amount you receive.

If you take option 2 a step further, then you can modify the purchase line to have an original order quantity and then have a mechanism, on purchase receipt, that will prompt the user if the receipt quantity is less than the order quantity, with the question “Receipt qty is less than order qty, do you want to close the purchase order?”. The modification has a yes/no answer, and subject to the user response, this will either leave the order open, with an outstanding quantity, or close it off.

Either way, needs a bit of customisation.

or you can change the “quantity to receive” and “quantity to invoice” instead of changing the original quantity field.

even if the qty shipped and invoiced is less than the qty field you will be able to delete the order(after archiving it) as long as the received qty is invoiced

Thanks for all your help! These are tips that we can use. I will soon reply wich solution we take. Best regards, Jan-Willem