Defer Revenues and Expenses before posting date

Dear all,

my customer ask me to split some revenue before the posting date. Example: in November I post a sales invoice but these revenues are not of competence of november but of september and october.

How this case is possible to manage with NAV?

Before the posting date? You can do it the other way around, post an invoice in November and have NAV split the cost over the nexts months.

The other alternative is just to give the posting date in September, while keeping the document date in November.

Thanks for your reply but for Italy it is not applicable. When you post a sales invoice in Italy document date and posting date must be always the same.

Then I don’t think its possible without customizations. Haven’t looked at the code, but in my mind then I don’t think that it would be that difficult to change the deferral functionality in NAV 2017, to allow reversed deferrals. As long you haven’t “locked” the old periods. This kind of posting would not be allowed in most companies, if they are part of a group with corporate reporting, where they close the periods.