Default user settings on Production form for user

Hi all,

Does anyone here knows where to find the user settings for generating the route card journals. I need to get rid off usage data for that user but it looks like it does not use the defaults normal usage data.

Any idea? We can see that on I the production default and the user default in the Start and Report as finished forms selected on the production form. However I want to make sure that those settings are not there anymore on the start and report as finish forms.


They are held under the periodic option and the default button.

Thanks adam

I have a question: When I open the “Report as finished” screen under the Periodic activities and I click on “general” tab, i see that : Automatic consumtion has a default value" Route group dependent " . On the same screen, when i click on “Default values” , I can see that Automatic consumption = Never. I have also found that some few jobs journals were unposted and when I check the production order related to the job journal , i see that " Automatic route consumption ’ has value = Route group dependent which i dont know where it comes from. My questions: 1) Do you think that those uposted jobs are related to the incorrect settings on the production order? ( this is what i think but i need a confirmation) . 2) if yes, how can i make sure that when opening the “Report as finished” screen on the periodic activities , i dont have “Route group dependent” as default value? Thanks

  1. The routing group will control postings, most common will be if you have items set to flushing principle of finish. If you have no items with this principle it is not the cause. If you always manually report the labour ensure the routing group does not have automatic consumption selected. I do not believe the issue is related to this setting as you have described it because if the routing group has automatic consumption not set, it will not flush labour. For the items (you covered both) the consumption is based on the flushing method of the BOM line and the item, so if you do not want the items to be flushed you would not set this to Finish anywhere and therefore prevent the auto creation.

  2. Reset the users usage data, ensure the default values are set in periodic. Then instruct every user to send you a screen shot of the setting the next time they RAF. Also training the users on the importance of the fields would be a good idea [:D]

Thanks Adam . Yes i will make sure that your statement is followed [:)]" Also training the users on the importance of the fields "

  1. Just to confirm: No item has a flushing principle setup. We always manually report the labor when “ending” jobs at MES.

  2. So what will be the process to correct that in PROD environment where I have all those jobs sitting there? Note: The worker assigned to a production order used in MES does not usually corresponds to AX user.

  1. Every item has a flushing principle set, it defaults to start as an example - you need to change it to set it to manual. You also have this field on the BOM line so you need to check there as well.

  2. Delete the open jobs.

Thanks Adam. [:)]

Hi ,

I just found something: In all open journals sitting there, I checked one journal which should not be there because that journal was supposed to be posted automatically when ending Job in MES according to parameters in Production ( In Production Parameters , in RAF tab we have end job =yes; in Start tab we have Auto Route consumption & Automatic bom consumption = never ; In Operations Tab we have Automatic Bom consumption = always).

If i checked the production order related to that Job journal and when I checked the item itself , i can see that flushing principle is “finish” which is OK as I need the picking list to automatically post qty at operation level.

So why that Job journal was not posted? Now i am lost unless it is really the user settings on the periodic activities.

please advise Thanks

Operation Tab has post automatically = Yes

RAF has Automatic Route Consumption = Always

All routing groups are set to allow automatic route consumption?

You are just reporting RAF and not the Job times?

Hi Adam,

yes i am reporting RAF and Job Time too into MES.

In MES, when I end Job with quantity and Time, the system automatically post raw items,

At the end when all Jobs are end, a user manually end the production order. There is No automaticac route consumption on routing groups,

I am not clear what the issue is any more, it seems to jump between open route cards and item consumption. Is it both?

Route cards/Job cards being created and unposted would come from the routing group - which you have set to No so they will not be produced at end, but presumably creating the jobs at scheduling to book on.

Picking lists you have set to finish and the operation tab you have always so assuming they record the operation and don’t change any settings (if they can) then the posting of the job will post any BOM line/Route step association. All raw material not associated with an operation number will be posted at RAF.

Little else we can do here - the data is now where you must look, picking one production order, find if the journal is just unposted or posted and unposted (so a duplicate was created). Talk to the users, look at the BOM setup, look at the item setup etc to narrow it down.

HI Adam. The problem is with " open route card/ job cards" which generate duplicate transactions after the job has been posted form MES. Sorry I mixed that with Picking list which does not have a problem.

I gave you all settings that we have on Production parameters on MES site to see if that can explain the problem . So that’s why I believe that if the ‘Auto Route Consumption’ is set to anything else but ‘Never’, then if one is ‘Starting’ or performing the ‘Report as finish’ function on a Production Order, the system will generate new Un posted ‘Job card journals". I hope it’s clear.

Do you still agree that we should check user settings ? Also I didnt see anything strange on “Routing Groups”. Thanks

So you have

Operation Tab has post automatically = Yes

RAF has Automatic Route Consumption = Always

All routing groups are set to allow automatic route consumption

This means it will backflush the route once the operations is reported. I am not sure why you are job controlling to be honest if you are not recording time - I would post the labour to WIP at the commencement of the order, but it does depend upon timing of the operations (lengthy ones you will have an argument).

In this scenario and setup the user will have altered the MES RAF settings when presented with them (assuming they are there I have not looked) OR you altered the settings once production orders were created (which might impact). So you need to check user settings. I would ask them to screen dump the MES RAF screen for each user and monitor.

Thanks Adam. BUT just to correct as I said earlier actually " RAF & Start Tab have Automatic Route Consumption = NEVER" not always

Hey Adam, This is what I just found :

Periodic activities/ Production Orders/ Start / Default values button

Route Card: blank

Automatic Route Consumption = Route Group dependent

Picking list : blank

Automatic Bom Consumption = Flushing principle

Does this sounds something about those Job journals?


So how are you setting it to automatically consume the route? Users only log on to RAF - if you have it set as NEVER you would never have any automatically posted route journals.

Totally right!! looks like they just forgot to end those transactions[:(] Let’s me check.