Default unit of measures

When setting up a product you can specify the default unit of measure for Sales, purchase, stock and these can be different, so I can have a different sales unit e.g. Each to my purchase unit e.g. Box or Pallet and the system can convert between these using unit of measure conversions, so all good so far.

When using product masters and enabling unit of measure conversions for variants all the unit of measures for sales, purchase & stock have to be the same, so the default unit of measures on my orders end up being ‘Box’ for sales when I want them to be each.

I need to enable UoM conversions as my products can be different sizes (so boxes can contain different numbers)

Any ideas on how to get around this restriction?

If you have two different boxes, these are two different units, aren’t they?

Hi Martin
Yes. But the unit of measure will still be Box, with the unit of measure conversion handing the different number of eaches in the different boxes.
Or are you suggesting I have a UoM of Box10, Box12, and convert each of these of eaches.

Default unit of measure isn’t possible at variant level so any PO creation would have to be looked at.

Yes, I do mean you need different units for a box with 10 items and a box with 12 items, if this is what you need to support for an item. Saying “a box” clearly doesn’t say which of them it is and you definitely need to know whether you have ten or twelve items before you can make any meaningful conversion.

When faced with this in the past the packaging itself was a dimension, so box 12 was a choice which drive you to the right box.