Default Production type is "BOM" in Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Released products.

Hi all,

We observed that in Dynamics AX 2012 R2,when we create the Product & release it to specific legal entiry the default Production type comes as “BOM”.

In earler version it was coming as “None”.

Can anybody know the reason of changing the same in R2 or should we consider it as a bug?


Nitin Patel

This is not a bug, for normal items the production type will be BOM and for catch weight items the production type will be Formula.

AX 2012 comes with a concept that any item(of product type - Item) can have the bill of material attached by removing the Item Type = BOM. For R2 the Bill materials button will be enabled for the items whose production type = BOM, so in order to stick to the base concept (which removes the Item Type = BOM), the production type default value is set to BOM, though the Default Order Type in Default Order Setting remains unchanged as Purchase Order. One has to choose whether it is a production or purchase controlled item.

Correct, The system Behave only like that Nitin As Kranthi Said.

Happens when the PMF configuration key is enabled

Hi Kranthi …

Can I just question this please as we are now using R2 – CU6

When creating released products – Product type = Item, the production type now defaults to BOM instead of None.

In the CU6 release notes, I can find reference to Article ID 2833427 – ‘The production type defaults as Bill of Material (BOM) rather than None’, but this should only apply / fix the actual symptom ‘The production type is incorrect when the item type is service’.

My concern is:

As the vast majority of our released products will not be ‘BOMS’ or use any of the BOM related functionality, (There are a few exceptions obviously), how can or where do I set the default production type to ‘None’. It does appear to be coded to be a BOM by default though, but I am not a developer.

The other question is (thinking about this rather than finding out … sorry) … what other implications will this have on released products being of a production type BOM instead on none, if any ?



Not to revive an age old thread, but we have found the same behavior exists in 2012 R3. We will be moving this logic to a setting in the Parameters form in the Product Information Management module-> setup section.

A risk of having purchase items set as BOMs, is that the Production Control module keys off that field on the item when you create a new production order. The Item drop down list ( read- lookup for us developers ) queries based on Production type == ‘BOM’. SO, if you don’t want staff to think they can produce office supplies, then this needs to be updated.


Thanks for sharing this through!

How to enable/disable PMF configuration key ??

I go to System administrator > Licensing > License configuration

found only

  • process manufacturing

– rework batch

– sequencing

not found the PMF configuration key ???

PMF is the short name for Process manufacturing…

I disabled process manufacturing


However,production type BOM still show up when I create product ??

You cannot disable the PMF config key, you need to disable the license key.