Default order type - Default order settings in ax 2012

  1. What is the purpose of using the default order type in default order settings?

  2. If I created a product in released product by default the default order type is purchase then what is the use of production and kanban in default order type ?



It matters during the Master planning. Based on the demand Master planning engine generates either purchase orders/production orders for the items to meet the demand.

Item X which is procured by external supplier, we keep the default order type - purchase order. Master planning engine generates a PO to meet the demand

Item Y which is produced in house, we keep the DO type - Production order. MP engine generates Production order.

Hello Krisheed,

When your item belongs to a coverage group (meaning that the item requirements wil be calculated by the MRP) and your default order type is purchase, a planned purchase order will be generated when necessary.

If the default order type is production a planned production order will be generated when necessary.

This after the Master schedule run ofcourse.

Kanban I do not know.


Hey Thanks a lot man !!!