Default OLAP cubes documentation

Hi All

Where I can found the default OLAP cubes documentation that are provided with Microsoft Dynamics AX?

We have a lot of a continious changes in OLAP. and we have many our users which would like to know about the changes.

I need a good example of OLAP cube documentation or may be a good software for that.

What program do you use to discribe Measures and Dimensions of OLAP cubes?

I need software that illustrates what dimensions are in Dynamics AX and then how to use them in an OLAP cube.

thank you.

For AX 2012 R2/R3, Visual Studio 2010/2013 Data Tools would be the tool to peek into the existing cubes, you can open the AOT >Visual Studio Projects > Analysis Services Projects > Dynamics AX to see the details about the Measures and Dimensions. I am not sure about AX 2009, though.


i have uploaded here document on cube customization , may be it can help you to solve your doubts to some level…/365785

Kewn, thank you for answer. Our users use Exel to make reports with data from OLAP cubes. I want to write a document(user manual) for them. The document have to describe the details about the Measures and Dimensions. The Measures and Dimensions is changing very rapidly. Our users have no permission to open AOT and Visual Studio but they want to peek into the existing cubes. I have trouble with the document for them. Do you use any tools to write OLAP documentation? or where can i find a good example of OLAP cube documentation?

Kunal, thank you for the document

Hey Stanislav, this is what Microsoft does for the existing cubes - I think it’s a pretty good approach.…/jj710396.aspx