Default bin code in production order

Hi folks,

I’m using a Nav version 4 and I have a warehouse setted with “Bin Mandatory”; when I create a production order and I specify location code, automatically the field “Bin Code” is compiled with default bin code defined in item card; in the same way, when create a replenishment line usign planning worksheet, location code e bin code are both compiled with default values.

Now, I’m testing our current db in Nav 2009 but “Bin Code” field, in production order, is never filled.

Can you suggest me if exist a setup which allows to have default Item Bin Code in a production order?

It apears that under the Location Bin Content, you must have BOTH Fixed and Default checked for that item number. If you don’t know where to find this, go to the location card and click the locatin button at the bottem then choose Bins. Highlight that Bin and then click contents. There may be other ways to get there but that is how I did it this time.


Hi Teresa,

thanks for your reply, but my Fixed and Default fields are yet checked in Location Bin Content.

Do you have a line in BinContents for the Item which you are trying?

For Ex: 1000 in above screenshot?

This is my screenshot, in version 4 when I select location code VEND01, automatically bin code is compiled with COLL1


Add Item No. field to the form and check…

This is my form with Item No. shown


So you are using the FNFJ080301U?

It also depends upon

Directed Put-away and Pick, Require Receive and Require Shipment should be No in Location Card

I hope you are not using Variant Code feature?

FNFJ080301U is my Item code that I’m using; this is my locations setup


but is there a reason why in version 4 it works and in version 2009 doesn’t work? I thought that it depend on some setups…

If you look at the GetDefaultBin function in WMS Management Codeunit

The following code is added after NAV4.0

IF NOT Location.“Directed Put-away and Pick” THEN
IF NOT (Location.“Bin Mandatory” AND (NOT Location.“Require Receive”) AND (NOT Location.“Require Shipment”)) THEN

As I mentioned in my previous post

Require Receive and Require Shipment should be NO in Location card.

Hi Mohana,

I am als facing the same issue wherein Bin Mandatory, Require Receive and Require Shipment, all are checked. But user does not want to change Require Receive and Require Shipment to NO as there are lot of functionality based on these fields. They don’t want to take risk to disturb their running functionalites with changing these field settings. We are suggesting to comment the standard 2009 R2 code that you mentioned earlier. Do you see any risk or issue commenting this code? Thanks.

Hi Ravi,

I really didnt have no idea from customer side.

Hi Ravi,

we commented this code and until now we have no issue but I think it’s always a solution that require a testing period.