Deep Insert last line insert triggering or whole batch insert triggering

I’m creating API pages to use deep insert. And fond out laсk of information about this topic. For example:

  1. how to trigger the last line inserting in the request ? (I’m going to run a codeunit after that). Without adding extra marker-fields. Trigger “OnClosePage” doesn’t work.
  2. how to trigger/handle response text and status? Is it possible?
  3. Are there some documentation with step by step explanation how it works and what we can handle/trigger from BC?

Hi @Dmytro_Yudin,

1- No, you cannot trigger a process with the last line inserted because you doesn’t know, in the API page, witch line is currently being inserted. Try to use an API bound action to run a process on the main record created, this requires another API call after the deep insert. As an alternative, you can create a Job Queue Entry when main record is inserted to trigger the process you need a few seconds later.

2- The API page always response to an INSERT (POST) with all API data included in both, main record and its lines. Check out this: Deep insert with Business Central APIs – Kauffmann @ Dynamics 365 Business Central. I’m not sure what you want to handle/trigger, but you can add the fields you need to the API page, and return the values you need to handle the response the way you need.

3- There are really few documentation about deep insert in Business Central, the previous link from MVP Kauffmann is one (and the 2nd part: Deep insert with Business Central APIs (part 2) – Kauffmann @ Dynamics 365 Business Central), the official documentation from Microsoft only offers one little example (Developing a custom API - Business Central | Microsoft Learn), almost useless.

Hi @pjllaneras ,
Thank you very much for answers.
1- it’s a pity …
2- can I edit response status number : 200, 400 … ? For example, even request is successful but I want to return 400 and don’t use ERROR for this reason to avoid roll back?
3- it’s a pity … :frowning:

No, you cannot control the response status… ok, you only control if API call has been successfull (200) or error (400), but if you trigger an error, a rollback is done. You can try to control this yourself and trigger an error or not, but doing a COMMIT before an error to not rollback modifications, but this only can be done if you use the bound action, not in the INSERT/MODIFY
(POST/PATCH) operations in API page. Something like this:

page 50000 MyApiPage
    procedure runTask(var actionContext: WebServiceActionContext)
        if Codeunit.Run(Codeunit:MyProcess, Rec) then begin
            error('Process is fine, but I want to return status 400');
        else begin
            message(GetLastErrorText); // this will return status '200', but nothing will be saved because an error has been triggered in the codeunit
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