Decimal separator

I need to chage the decimal separatorfrom ‘,’ to ‘.’

EX: I have 40,30 € and I want 40.30 €.

This is my decimal Variable (FVExtraDP) that I Need to change


How can I do That?


In what context are doing this? To show it right in a form/page? On a report? Or in a data export?

In a dataPort, I am using CONVERTSTR(String ‘,’, ‘.’) and works OK, thanks :slight_smile:

I was woron, it doesn’t work ok, bacause it is a decimal data :(, not a text data.

Any idear ??

A decimal value is always a decimal value, regardless of how it is displayed. This format is usually set at the OS level or the application level. Converting a decimal to a text value and substituting characters will only result in the need to convert it back to a decimal value in the receiving application. If you must do custom formatting, take a look at the format command in the C/SIDE Reference Guide. From the classic client, click on the help menu and select C/SIDE Reference Guide, and type in the word ‘format’ in the search box, you should find a few articles that explain exactly how to use the format command in C/AL.