Decimal Places

In direct unit Cost in Purchase lines I have 6 decimal places, how can i Change it to 3 decimal places?

In Purchase lines field Decimal Places I have <2:2>

In Regional Settings I have 2, why in Subform and and Report this field is with 6 Decimal Places?

if you open up the general ledger table, you will find two fields, one for “amount decimal places” and one for “unit amount decimal places”, change them here if you are happy to have 3 decimal places throughout the system (i.e. this will affect all of NAV not just the purchase side of the system).

sorry should have said general ledger setup table

Thanks, but how can I say to the system to consider de 0 after ‘,’ ?

Foe exemple:

2.322,73 should be 2.322,730

How can I put 0 number???

set the decimal place setting to be 3:3

Thanks a lot for your help