Decimal Places Error

Dear All


I not able to fix decimal places in General Ledger Setup table, it is excepting whole value only like 1 and 1.00 not accepting, please help to sort out the problem.


Please provide more information about the issue so that we can help you.

I created new company and when I setup G/L in general tab I not able to put 1.00 two decimal places value it accepting only 1 in the field Appln. Rounding Precision and also in Application tab : Appl rounding Precision same not accepting 1.00 value. not only in general ledger in any module I not able to put values in decimals, I check currency table the settings are ok .

The error is “The field can have a maximum of 0 decimal places”

Please help me to sort out the problem I am using Nav 4. SP3.