Decimal amount rounding frustration

I have just installed NAV 5 (clean install) and when attempting to process the first General Journal noticed that the amount was immediately rounded to the nearest whole number ie I entered 9.99 and the amount was changed to 10.00

The same happens for all types of journal entries, although inputting Budget figures works correctly.

I haven’t changed the currency defaults (the paramter is shown as 2:2 for Decimal rounding).

I there anything obvious I’ve missed?

All suggestions appreciated.

There are much more places whon rounding params are set and which can cause such behaviour

Most commonly used - Payment Tolerance, VAT Difference, Invoice rounding precision…

Anyway, it can be solved, but you must find which exactly of numerous rounding settings are spoiling your life [;)]

The 2:2 just means that the system will always display 2 decimals for these amounts. It has nothing to do with the rounding itself.

Roundings are shown as Decimals like “1.0”, “10”, 0.01, 0.00001

The most important rounding setting will be found in the General Ledger Setup and Currency table.

Thanks for the advice. I have followed all the settings in the GL Setup and Currencies as in the Cronus sample database (although that doesn’t contain a UK Pound currency (GBP) - how odd!

Anyway, on the GL Setup card there is an Invoice Rounding Precision field that in Cronus is set at 0.01, but in my new database will not let me type this, saying that the rounding must be 0.00 or 1.00

In the currencies section I was able to set up GBP (which is my LCY) with 0.01 as the parameter in this field with no problem.

So I’m still no further forward.

Please do also check the “Amount Rounding Precision” field in your General Ledger Setup table. It is usually not shown on the form, just in the table.

And the system will not let you change that value as soon as you have posted entries in your system.
So make sure this field is set to 0.01 (if that is what you need) before you start any other action (like posting) in the database.

The “Invoice Rounding Precision” uses the "Amount Rounding Precision to test if the two match (i.e. “Invoice Rounding Precision” must be compatible with “Amount rounding Precision”).

Some valid combinations are:

Amount Rounding : 0.01 → Invoice Rounding : 0.01 or 0.02 or 0.05 or 0.10 or 0,25 or 0.50 or 1.0 or 10 and so on
Amount Rounding : 0.10 → Invoice Rounding : 0.10 or 0.50 or 1.0 or 10 and so on ( 0.01 or 0.02 or 0.05 or 0.25 would not be valid)
Amount Rounding : 0.25 → Invoice Rounding : 0.25 or 0.50 or 1.0 or 10 and so on ( 0.01 or 0.02 or 0.05 would not be valid)
Amount Rounding : 1.00 → Invoice Rounding : 1.0 or 10 and so on ( 0.01 or 0.02 or 0.05 or 0.10 or 0.50 or 0.25 would not be valid)

DON’T include GBP in Currencies if it is your LCY !!!

The ONLY place where GBP in your case shows up is General Ledger Setup / LCY !!! It is a general principle with NAV that only nonLCY currencies are entered whenever needed, but for transactions in LCY the field “Currency” is ALWAYS left blank, plus, the LCY should NOT be included in “Currencies” table !

Hi Thomas,

I have read and follow your instructions and it works. This is exactly the same problem I encounter. Anyway, I have this question on entering opening balances. Is it possible to enter opening balance for multiple currencies per account? If possible, how am I going to do the setup? My home currency is USD, but I have accounts opening balance in different currency,

Kindly let me know. I appreciate your prompt reply.

Thank you



Welcome to Dynamics User Group.

You need to enter “Currency Code” for those opening balance entries and check if the Currency Exchange Rate table has the setup for exchange rate for that currency and your local currency.

Hi! Thank you for your reply.

Let’s say I will input opening balances per currency, how will I recognized the currency used in my chart of accounts? It should not be converted to the current exchange rate of my home currency because of rate fluctuation.

In that case currency exchange rate will be taken for those two currency.

The posting date will also play a role, as the exchange rate will be taken for that particular date.

Can you explain further the Relational Currency Code and the Relational Exchange Rate? If may home currency is USD then the Relational Currency is PHP or Philippine Peso I will input the converstion rate from USD to PEso?

Is that correct?

Just want to add that I also have the same issue at the moment and I have nothing posted to the database at all. but it still does not allow me to change the rounding from 1 to 0.01 asI want it to be.

the funny part is: when I create a test company, it does allow me to change the rounding to 0.01 and also in Cronus it is possible.

We are working on linking Nav 2009 to a webshop at the same time, could that have anything to do with it.



The only thing that I have left to do if this issue does not solve today, would be to add my LCY as a foregin currency and just have to remmember always to add a currency with each transaction in general ledger.

I hope someone could have a better solution for me today