Debugger issue: codeunit 1535

Good morning , I have an issue when I m running the debugger .

I set up the breakpoint onRun fonction on the codeunite1535 .

I switched user (Vincent) .

I launched approval request with a user Vincent .

I m getting no message but I excuted

I switched user Bruno and I dont have any approval request .

The reason why I need to use the debugger because have event response .

The reponse inactive .

My question is there a reason why debugger may not work or I need to set up a setting to make it work ?

And why my response may be inactive ?

Any suggestion ?

The function I wish to investigate : ApprovalAllapprovealrequest and sendapprovalrequestforapproval

Hi Rodd,
Is this question related to the other with the same subject you posted earlier today?

Hi Rodd,

Did you activate debugger?
if not first activate debugger(Shift+Ctrl+F11) and select which user running the system and press the debug action then only it will start Debugging.

Thank You
Mahesh U

I did that .
I select the user and press the debug button .

When I llok the debugger windoe .
It there a message waiting for break,
But I aalready put a some breakpoint on the code unit 1535 .