Debugger is not enabling

Hi All,

When i am enabling the breakpoint in Class, Table (either by f9 or breakpoint; in code), debugger is not opening.

In Server Configuration the Debugger is enabled, but still it’s not opening.

Does anybody please help me to come out of this problem.


Vijay Raj Nath


Uncheck the checkbox specified in the above link.

If you are using Ax2012, add your name in “Microsoft Dynamics Ax Debugging Users”


Where to add name. please let me know the complete procedure




steps to add user in dynamicsdebugger:

go to → Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools →

double click on Computer management →

expand the group - “Local Users and Group” from left side - > select “Goups”

then in right side you will find “Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugging Users”

double click on that and add require user name and apple, close

you will be able to debug now.

Thanks Axsan,

Now debugger start to open but there is a problem i am facing at the time of debugging, the debugger open as blank. generally the code to which we have apply debugger opens but it not opening properly. it open as blank, no code in debugger. I am attaching the screenshot for the debugger window opening in my system as below-

5684.Screenshot of debugger is not working properly.xlsx (56.9 KB)

Please suggest me how to resolve it.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Raj nath

Hi Martin,

Still the problem not closed. i’m facing the same. Please suggest the solution.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Raj Nath

Try to Logoff and relogin to system.