Debit/Credit Amount in Account Schedule


I am creating Accounting Schedule in Nav(4.0) is there any option to view only debit amount/Credit Amount in Schedule. In 5.0 the options are availbale Debit amount, Credit amount, net change but is dosen’t work.

Thanks in advance

Works fine here (5.0 SP1). But be ware that those options are in the Acc Schedule and in the Columns. And in the Columns you have the field Show. Perhaps there is some mix-up in your setup…?

Btw “Debit Amount” and “Credit Amount” are positive numbers in GL Entry.

In 4.xx you set this up ONLY in Column Layout(s) - Amount Type with options Net, Db, Cr.

If you are new to Acc.Schedules, just experiment with setting up many Columns with different options, and look how they perform.

It’s rather tricky, and different combinations of Ledger Entry Type, Amount Type, Include Closing Date, Formula, Show Opposite Sign, Comparison Date Formula can sometimes lead to unexpected results.

I’ve designed many over the years, but if I have had a pause of creating Col.Layouts for a couple of months, I simply experiment again to get the needed result [;)].