DD-MMM-YYYY format in All SSRS Report?


I need to change all date format to DD-MMM-YYYY.I changed in transdate level and modified in region and language settings in server.I can able to see the changes in AX level.Changes is not reflected in SSRS report level.Do I need to do any aditional settings.Is it Possible?

Any Solution?

Hi Saju,

Why do you want to change format like ‘DD-MMM-YYYY’? Sounds quite unusual.

I believe reporting services picks up regional date format setup in the server. You can check this under Control panel → Regional and language options in reporting server. But I don’t think the settings will allow to specify month as ‘MMM’.

Hi Harish,

Thanks for your reply.

Its client requirement.They wants DD-MMM-YYYY date format.I done the same which you mentioned above.As soon as I changed it is reflected in AX level even all tables also.After restarting the service it is reflected in some of the reports.Not in all reports.May I know the root cause? why all the reports are not showing the DD-MMM-YYYY.

Hi Saju,

The above info is quite vague and it is very difficult to comment without knowing more details.

But did you try to analyse the root cause? For instance reports which consume RDP classes, do they work or not?