DCO-Sales Orders from page based Webservices in NAV 2009SP1

Hi All,

Creating aspx pages using Navision Webservices We have created Sales Order and Purchase Order page in ASP.net by implementing Page based Web Services of Navision(DCO license for Saving License cost).During the data entry it is taking long time to update the data(1 Minute for each Line . The same thing is working fine in Classic and RTC without much time) .This is because, in Navision data is getting updated automatically as happening in navision with out any Save button.So as per navision Design ,which we have followed in these aspx pages, we are saving Header and Lines for every selection of relevant data (eg:- Sell to Customer No,Location, Item etc ).Is there any way to avoid this multiple updation of Order Line(webservice is having update method only for updating all order lines and not for a single order line)?. If anybody having other ideas for implementing this type of Application??? Please.



Hi Subhavn;

I must create Sales order and client card page in asp.net and them make them communicating with Navision through page based Web Services of Navision.

I have many issues with that , and I haven’t any tutorial or examples, Please Please can you send me a copy of your project to see how can I do my work, it’s for my final project studies. Need your help…

this’s my email : sandi_bilel@yahoo.fr