DBMS Cache Size

How do I reduce the DBMS Cache size for a client who has been using 3.7 for 4 months? Their cache size is way too big for a 5 user installation and is taking up 3/4 of the memory on the server. Thanks!

can’t you do a search first…

Gee, thanks Erik. That was quite helpful. I already did a search and was unsuccessful. The only reference I found was to a 3.6 manual. Microsoft no long prints manuals and our client is on 3.7. I have already decided to reinstall the server application and set the DBMS cache setting time of install.

But Erik has a point Jennifer. A great deal of questions can be sorted out by searching previos postings. There’s a whole bunch of postings about how to change this setting in the registry or by reinstalling the server. And the manual are on the product-CD. Look in the doc folder. But look in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services[YourNavisionServiceName]. Here You have a key for cache. Just change it and restart the service.

Yes, I saw where people had changed the setting in the registry, and also saw several postings where many did not recommend changing it through the registry, which is why I posted the question again. As new people join this users forum, new ideas come with them. I don’t see why posting a question more than once is a bad thing if we can get new ideas and new ways to do things. This is especially true since there are now many versions of Navision out there, and the solution in an older version is not necessarily the solution in the newest version. Thanks for your tip though Lars.

This thread is utterly helpful and pretty much says it all regarding setting the cache size: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9725&SearchTerms=change,dbms,cache The variety of MBS-Navision versions available has little or no impact on how you set the cache size. Installation and configuration procedures for the Navision Database Server have been the same for all Windows versions.

Nelson, Thank you for the professional and concise answers that you (always) provide. This reflects well on all of us.

Thanks Nelson. That thread is exactly what I was looking for.