DB Replication

I have two Navision Databases for eg DB1 and DB2. I have a Replication between DB1 and DB2 where DB1 is the publisher and DB2 the subscriber.
Here are some configurations we’ve done :

  • 16 Nav Tables are being replicated.
  • Publication Type is Transactional with updatable subscriptions.
  • Table Article Properties are all set False exept Copy INSERT,UPDATE and DELETE sp.
  • We are conecting to the subscriber using a SQL Login.
  • BD’s security model is “Standard”

Everything was working fine until the moment we’ve added a new SQL Login. The new login is created in DB1 and DB2 with role super.
When i try to modify a record in one of the replicated tables in DB2 i’m getting an error:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The combination of user ID and password entered is invalid. Try again.


Could anyone help me please?