DAX 2009 Server and Client Object Caching

Hi guys,

Can someone explain the Axapta object caching that happens and why is there a need to refresh the AOD ? I also want to further understand the propagation of the changes from the cache (client and server) to the AOD.

For example, on a simple setup with one AOS, a client connects and made updates to an object in the AOT. How will the change happen from the client (where changes were made) then down to the server’s AOD and then finally having other client’s being able to see the changes.

Why is it there? Because otherwise AX client would have to always ask AOS before using any object. Calls to AOS have performance penalty, so it makes good sense to put the object into local cache and take it from there next time.

If you change an object, it’s saved directly to AOD and cache on both the client and AOS is either updated or invalidated. But other clients and AOSes still use their cache, i.e. the old version of the object.