Datport Requestform - again

Hi everyone! The old Problem: Put anything on a Dataport-Requestform and say Goodbye to the File-browser … Ok, Marcus Fabian told us the trick: 1) Global: Datei Text [250] 2) Textbox on Requestform, ID 1, Source Datei, AssistEdit Yes 3) Trigger OnAssistEdit: Currdataport.FILENAME := Datei; Works excellent with Direction Import, where an existing file is selected, but i have some trouble with Exports: 1) I click on the AssistEdit-Button, the File-Browser starts 2) i select the export-directory and TYPE IN the name of the file (which doesn’t exist yet !) 3) i click on “Open” an an errormessage occurs (File could not be found) Workaround: 1) i have to TYPE in the whole path & filename (without browser) 2) i have to create the file manually: OnPreDataport() IF NOT CurrDataport.IMPORT THEN IF NOT EXISTS(Datei) THEN BEGIN CurrFile.WRITEMODE(TRUE); CurrFile.TEXTMODE(TRUE); CurrFile.CREATE(Datei); END; Is there a better way? Thank you & best regards, Joerg Stryk P.S.: fabian: Sorry, won’t send Direct-eMails anymore! ;c)

You could use the “COMDLG32.OCX”. This OCX provides the standard-windows FileDialog.