Datetime range

Hello guys I have a trouble with the ime ranges.I add my ranges blok at the datasource’s query:


this is my datasource’s init also:

qbrBuzCrdtPaybackDate = this.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(BuzCrdtLinePayback)).addRange (fieldnum(BuzCrdtLinePayback,BuzCrdtPaybackDate));

qbrPayback = this.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(BuzCrdtLinePayback)).addRange (fieldnum(BuzCrdtLinePayback,Payback));

but it brings only the selected date to form.Not just only the one date’s values but I have to bring to all values from beginning to selected date from the dialog.

how should change this line:qbrBuzCrdtPaybackDate = this.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(BuzCrdtLinePayback)).addRange (fieldnum(BuzCrdtLinePayback,BuzCrdtPaybackDate));

I assume that BuzCrdtPaybackDate and Paybackk are date values, so you’re indeed setting a range for these dates only. If I understand you correctly, you want something like <MyDate instead of =MyDate, right?
One of possible ways is queryRange(dateNull(), Paybackk)).

not exactly payback is not a date value.I want something like <=Mydate

Then please tell us what it is - we can’t read your mind.
But it seems that queryRange() is an answer anyway.

just ı want to bring the datas <=mydate.(from first record to mydate).if I add only qbrP.value(queryValue(mydate));
it brings only the selected date’s lines from dialog but I want to see all lines’ untill the mydate

Have a look at \Classes\SysQueryRangeUtil\lessThanDate

but I have to bring not 2-3 days before or month I have a specific date I cant use sysquery::range(mydate) like that

Have you at least tried the code in my reply (queryRange(dateNull(), myDate))? You seem to ignore it.

I am not asking you to use that, but look at how the date is concatenated with ‘<’ (by using SysQuery::value) and same can be used in the range value.

sorry martin I could not understand at first ,I will try it

thank you so much martin it worked.I was trying to 01.01.1990,mydate somethinglikethat(imposibble date to-mydate ) but datenull is more smarter idea thank yo somuch again