Date Question?

Why does start:= ‘CM-1M+1D’; SDATE2 := CALCDATE(start); return the date 8/31/01 and not 9/1/01? thanks

Hi Blauer, according to the C-SIDE Reference Guide interprets the system the string from left to right, one subexpression at a time. Today → 9/28/01 CM → 9/30/01 -1M → 8/30/01 +1D → 8/31/01 If you want to have the first day of the month try the following: CALCDATE(‘-1M+LM+1D’) or DMY2DATE(1) Regards, Reijer

or start := ‘-CM’; -CM on a calcdate returns the start of current month. – Alfonso Pertierra Spain Western Computer Los Angeles, California