Date format MM DD, YYYY

Good Day

Any one know how could i format my report date Ex: January 1, 2011 with comma after the day the only problem is the comma?Manny thanks



Hi Ralph,

Did u try this way;

january 1 (this is coming any way right??)

add a ‘+’ sign and ", " and then display the year

all this thru code.

You could also use .NET DateTime:

System.DateTime dt = yourAxDate;
str s = dt.ToString(“MMMM d, yyyy”);

I posted a code snippet about that in my blog some time ago, but since it is in portuguese here below is the code , and after that the link to my blog in portuguese [*-)]

static void DataPorExtenso(Args _args)
date myDate;
MonthsOfYear month;
myDate = mkdate(20,3,2010); //Your date here

month = mthofyr(myDate);

info(strfmt(“day %1 of %2 of the year %3″month,dayofmth(myDate),year(myDate)));

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