Date Format in Navision C\Side 3.7 database


I have an application called CorVu that is a qry/report writing software. I have connected it to a Navision C\Side 3.7 database with no problems. The problem I’m having is that when I bring back a date field the column is empty. I need to find out what format the data is stored as so that I can tell CorVu how to interperate and then display to me in a format that is useful. I set CorVu to show me the data in the field as is, but it returns me ‘i-e295’ which means it doesnt understand the format.

Can anyone tell me what it is stored as so I can do some more testing?

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How do you access Navision, OBDC or C/FRONT ?


I access it via my products front end CorVu, which uses C\ODBC. So yes it is via C\ODBC

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From NOBDC manual:

DATE Enter a date in this format: {d ‘yyyy-mm-dd’} where y=year (1752-

9999), m=month (01-12) and d=day (01-31).

Note that if you have closing date support, you must use the

timestamp format described on page 23.

TIME Enter a time in this format: {t ‘hh:mm:ss’} where h=hour, m=minute

and s=second.

DATETIME Use this data type to store timestamps in this format: {ts ‘yyyy-mmdd

hh:mm:ss’} where y=year, m=month, d=day, h=hour, m=minute

and s=second. The timestamp is always shown in local time.

DATETIME is always stored in the same format regardless of

closing date support.


Many thanks for your quick reply! I will try these settings and let you know!




Unfortunatley I still cant get it to work! I have tried these settings and it doesnt seem to want to show me the results. I there any other advice anyone can give me?

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What date format is your system expecting?

Have you tried to use (say) excel to extract the data, ans see if that works.

Hi Craig,

The problem here, as I understand it, is that CorVu doesn’t understand the format/value returned by the ODBC-call?

Date-field retrieved through 2.60-ODBC returned following value to Excel…

00-01-1900 00:00

My guess is that You have to add some code to CorVu, to be able to interpret this.

Hi All

Thanks for your quick replies. I have now since forund out that the column ‘Date Filter’ is a summerisation of a period between 010106…010107 and thus corvu couldnt interperate it. So I have now found the raw format of the date column and I can now read the date column and recreate it by summerising the data in another column.

Cheers all


Date filter it’s different from a normal date. Normally It’s used in calc formulas in flowfields.