Date Format for Internal Customer Account Statement in AX 2012

Hi All,

I am facing an issue in date format for Internal Customer Account Statement. It is coming in month/date/year format. I have changed the language of the customer to "en-gb’ thus the sale invoice date format and external customer account statement also coming correctly in terms of format i.e, date/month/year. But still Internal Customer Account Statment is coming mm/dd/yyyy format. Is anyone has any idea or solution.

Your help is appreciated.


Dhanoop Warrier

Dear Dhanoop,

have you change the date format.

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Check regional settings from your workstation from Windows Control Panel.

Hi Nuno,

That is already done. It has nothing to do with the date format of statements.


Hi Husain,

I have already tried it. But it doesn’t work out…


I have made a small test in AX 2012 R2.
If I open the report using the language US (definable in options).


The date is displayed using format mm/dd/yyyy

If I change the language to Spanish, the date is displayed in format format dd/mm/yyyy

I hope it helps.

Hi Nuno,

Have you checked by taking the Internal customer account statement? If it is coming also in date/month/year format, then it is very good.

By the way how did you change the report language? I am interested to know that.



Trying to find out the solution. Anyways thanks… :slight_smile:

I didn’t change report language but the AX client language in File → Tools → Options


did anyone got solution for this?

i am also stuck on vendor account statement, entering date in dd/mm/yyyy format and it always dates in report as m/d/yyyy.


If you are using the SSRS to generate the report, you have to change the SSRS format.

Because the SSRS parameter is not following the AX one.