Date Format for a Cheque

Hello Everyone,

I want to display date in a cheque for one of my client. The date format should be dd mm yyyy . And this date should fix in eight boxes of a cheque.

Can anyone help me?

You need to split the date in Day,Month and Year then put in different text boxes to display in Cheque report

Thanks amol sir… I wrote this code for date format.

d := TODAY;

day := DATE2DMY(d,1);

Month := DATE2DMY(d,2);

year := DATE2DMY(d,3);

I got the format like this 18 03 2012 . But i need to print space between each digit so that it can fix easily in a cheque box. i.e : 1 8 0 9 2 0 1 2

for this, you have to take a array and split the digits and put them in array variables…

you can search the forum or you can check 13723 report in IN database…

Hi mohana… I dont have report by that number 13723.

You can try something like

ChequeDate := COPYSTR(FORMAT(“Cheque Date”,0,’<Day,2><Month,2>’),Index,1);

FOR Index := 1 TO 8 DO BEGIN
ChequeDate2[Index] := COPYSTR(ChequeDate,Index,1);

hey dude,

how you solved this problem i have also same problem.


Did you try my above suggestion?


please try the code for date breakup.

CheckDateText := FORMAT(“Cheque Date”,0,1);

intDays := DATE2DMY(“Cheque Date”,1) ;

intMonth := DATE2DMY(“Cheque Date”,2) ;


txtDate := ‘0’ + FORMAT(intDays,0)

ELSE txtDate := FORMAT(intDays,0);


txtMonth := ‘0’ + FORMAT(intMonth,0)

ELSE txtMonth := FORMAT(intMonth,0);

intYear := DATE2DMY(“Cheque Date”,3) ;

txtYear1 := COPYSTR(FORMAT(intYear),1,1) ;

txtYear2 := COPYSTR(FORMAT(intYear),2,1) ;

txtYear3 := COPYSTR(FORMAT(intYear),3,1) ;

txtYear4 := COPYSTR(FORMAT(intYear),4,1) ;

Thanks Rechard,

My problem is solved.


Dear Sir,

Please provide the full function in VBA program. mean this format I need date in VBA 0 1 0 4 2 0 1 3 . Please reply as soon as possible

sir , please send format for excel / access use