Date Filter problem in RTC - screenshots included

So I ran one of our custom forms through translation - looks OK in the RTC however the date filter fields are not accepting ranges as valid in the RTC…Here’s the field on the classic client form:

As you can see the date range is valid and provides filtering of the data the form is bound to. The field itself is in the table, the field name is “date filter”, Type is Date and fieldclass is FlowFilter. There’s no code in the OnValidate for the field in form.

In the RTC the date range is not valid - it’s throwing this error

Any idea why this is happening?

well I don’t have an answer to why they don’t work anymore - BUT I can turn on the flow filtering on the page and the date range DOES work there:

That’ll do for now.

My guess would be that it is not seeing it as a flow filter, but a normal field of type date. Since the … is not a valid part of a date it gives the error. Personally I think the way you have it now is better. Keeps it consistent throughout the system.