Date Filter in Report


I can filter the report according to the InvoiceDate but I want to filter according to just InvoiceDate’s month .How can I do it?

Please help me.


Which report are you talking about?

if you are filtering by clicking select button from report dialog then 8/1/2011…8/31/2011 will do it.

  • Arun


Well, what means to filter something within a particular month - it means something that has happened from the first date of the month till the last date of the month.

In code in Select statement you would write something like this:

InvoiceDate => mkDate(1, 8, 2012) &&

InvoiceDate =< mkDate(31, 8, 2012)

In a filter range window user would put something like this:

InvoiceDate: “1.08.2012…31.8.2012”

Do you want to build the month selector (like a dropdown with all months) as a filter in a report dialog (you haven’t described anything in much details…) ?

SalesLinesExtended report I dont have a select button I want to have the date field like 08.2012 and it will filter by month

yes I want to build the month selector like this but just month and year

Ok now type 1/8/2012…31/8/2012 where you selected 23.08.2012.

The select button will be in dialog and the dialog will be shown when you open the report from menuitem.

I selected it from the Invoice Table’s InvoiceDate field ,I can not change it.

now I understand what you mean thanks