Date Extraction

Hey there, I searched the forum but didn´t find a solution to following problem : The date format in Navision is as you all know (at least in Germany). So i have 14.03.03 which is 14th of march in 2003. What I need is a piece of code which is giving me that information. If I have a date I need to know mm and yyyy. Any idea ? Thanx, Christian

Hi Christian Just check the DATE2DMY - function within Navision. I should show your desired information [:)].


From Navision help DATE2DMY Returns the day, month, or year based on a date. Number := DATE2DMY(Date, What) Number Data type: integer The day, month, or year of Date. Date Data type: date The input date. What Data type: integer This tells the system what the function should return. The valid options are 1, 2, and 3. This value… Corresponds to… 1 Day (1-31) 2 Month (1-12) 3 Year

bye André

Thanx André, seems the bad flue im suffering of right now is affecting my ability to think :wink: Bye, Christian