Date Compression

In attempting to do a G/L date compression, I get the error message: ‘You do not have permission to run the analysis view table’. I know that, we do not use analysis views. What does that have to do with date compression? I attempted to modify Report 98 and remove the reference to analysis views, but I can’t do that, because I don’t have permission to write to the G/L Table. Do you have to have a NSC do date compression’s for you? Why would that be?

I would think a SuperUser can do this. …also, During Date compression, Navision compresses all the entries based on the criteria that you set, and changes the Date of the compressed entry to the first day in that period, but will leave the last transaction untouched. This is so Navision can always find the last entry number when processing the next transaction. If you compress entries by month, then all the compressed entries will be on the first day of the month, while there will be one original transaction left on the correct date. If you run a Trial Balance by month, then everything is in balance, however, if you run it for a particular day, the report may be out of balance because it is picking up the last transaction, but not the compressed entries.

I am a Superuser. That is not the problem. It is that our license does not include Account schedules, and the code to do the date compression accesses that table.I’m wondering why that is and how to work around it.

Try looking in File, Database, Information, Tables to see if there are any records in the Analysis View table (Table number 363). If there are, have your NSC remove the records. This will stop the error from occurring during Date Compression.

There are no records in Table 363, Analysis View.Any other suggestions?

What version of Report 98 are you using? If you are using “NAVW13.01.02” or prior, the report contains code that calls functions on the Analysis View table, without first checking whether any analysis view records exist. Beginning with “NAVW13.10”, the proper guard code (IF AnalysisView.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN…END;) has been included.