Datatable 80031 does not exist

Hi all,

I got this error when I export all objects to txt file.

I don’t know what is causing this but after this message all the progress shuts down.

How can I solve this problem?




It seems some objects in the database have reference to Table 80031, and this table is no more in the database (deleted).

You may like to compile all the objects and find out which object is creating problem (or the progress bar of import process can give you a hint of the object which is creating problem). If you have a copy of table 80031 somewhere, then import that.

So, that means that if I don’t have the table I have to delete the existing object that uses this table, right?

Thank you so much.

That can further complicate your problem,

You can export as .FOB also or create a table with same structure as 80013